Author: Jennifer Allen

Our Goal

Our goal is to decrease the amount of license and/or insurance points that can come from pleading guilty (or paying off) a speeding ticket.

Below is a Driver’s License Points guideline to show what points can be put on your license as a result of a moving violation ticket.

Driving While Revoked or Suspended Suspended
Reckless Driving4 points
Hit and Run (property damage)4 points
Passing a Stopped School Bus5 points
Speeding (75 mph or greater when limit <70) Suspended
Speeding (80 mph or greater when limit 70)3 points
Illegal Passing4 points
Following Too Closely 4 points
Stop Sign/Stop Light Violation3 points
Speeding Through Work Zone3 points
Driving with No Operator’s Line3 points
Failure to Stop for Siren 3 points
Driving with no Liability Insurance3 points
At Fault Accident (property damage > $1,800, but <$3,000)3 points
Speeding (>10mph over limit when speed limit is >55, but <76)3 points
Speeding when limit is 55mph or greater3 points
Speeding when limit is 55mph or less2 points
Speeding in School Zone3 points
All other Moving Violations2 points
Failure to Restrain Child in Restraint2 points
At-Fault Accidents (injury or property damage <$1,800) 3 points
Speeding (10mph or less over limit when speed limit is less than 55) 2 points
Non-moving violations0 points

Speeding in a Work Zone or School Zone

Construction crews are in place across the Triangle as the NCDOT works to fortify area highways.  This means more than a slow commute:  Law enforcement officers are heavily patrolling these newly created “work zones.”

Many people who contact our office for assistance with tickets in these work zones do not understand how costly they can be on an insurance premium.  Pleading guilty or paying off a regular speeding ticket can result in insurance increases of 35 percent or more for three years.  Work zone tickets raise insurance rates significantly more than a standard ticket.  Although a client has received one citation, he is essentially dealing with two problems:  the speed and the zone.

An insurance hike isn’t the only problem.  Ever see those bright orange signs promising higher fines in a work zone?  Well, they’re not kidding.  The N.C. statute for speeding in a work zone mandates a $250.00 fine upon conviction, and judges are bound by this law.  Drivers ticketed for speeding in a school zone face the same insurance consequences and $250.00 mandatory fine.

An insurance shock and hefty fine are not guaranteed with competent, aggressive legal representation.  At Jennifer Allen Law, PLLC, we fight to protect our clients’ driving records and insurance premiums.  Our attorneys work hard to have these citations reduced or dismissed; possibly taking them out of their “zone” and saving you license and insurance points and the $250.00 fine.

Please contact us if you have received a ticket for Speeding in a Work Zone or Speeding in a School Zone.  Although both of these citations are labeled as “infractions” no matter the speed, they can cause serious repercussions.  Pleading guilty may even result in your license being suspended indefinitely.  We will be happy to provide a free consultation on your options and will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.