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Jennifer Allen Law, PLLC is a North Carolina law firm representing clients in Alamance, Orange, and Wake counties.

The best lawyers that you can depend on when you can’t be there. I wouldn’t use any other practice. I highly recommend that Jennifer Allen Law firm is used for any of your traffic infractions. Very affordable, informative and caring to your situation. If you hire any other practice you aren’t hiring the BEST .


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I’ve gotten a traffic ticket.

You didn’t ask for this. If you plead guilty and pay your fine, you will get points on your driver’s license and may see a significant insurance increase. Going to court for a ticket can mean missing an entire day of work, having the hassle of finding someone to watch the kids, or just plain wasting a nice day. Get started with our compassionate, painless legal representation in just minutes!

In most cases, you won’t even have to go to court.

I’m ready to put this behind me…

I’ve been accused of a crime.

Criminal convictions mean more than jail time or probation.  They impede your ability to work, travel and seek higher education. You need experienced legal counsel on your side immediately.

As a former Orange County Magistrate and experienced traffic law attorney, Jennifer has spent years working with district attorneys, judges, and law enforcement officials.

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I’m currently a client.

You can contact us about your case using our online form.

Fighting for You…

We PERSONALLY fight to keep points off your driver’s license and insurance, while doing our best to keep costs low.

How Will My Case Be Handled?

Start With a Free Consultation

We know that your time is valuable and we pride ourselves on giving you a quick evaluation of your issue. Whether you pick up the phone or schedule a time to stop by our office, we provide a free consultation to make sure we know how to best help you before moving forward with your case.

An Expert On Your Case

We have helped thousands of members of our community sort through legal issues ranging from traffic citations to serious criminal misdemeanor and felony charges. We will review all the documentation you can provide, and offer our expertise to work alongside you until your case is resolved.

Compassionate Representation in Court

If you need representation in court, we work hard to ensure your constitutional rights are protected. Our experienced team can help you navigate the complex criminal legal process.

No matter what the issue, the staff at Jennifer Allen Law, PLLC guarantees you efficient, compassionate, and affordable legal representation.


“With two citations in just one disastrous weekend, I was worried about points on my license, having to appear in court from out of state, and how my insurance would be affected…From my first contact with the firm, everyone was courteous and helpful and continually kept me up to date on my court proceedings. The outcome was the best that I could have hoped for, and I am extremely pleased. Though I do not live in North Carolina, I do have relatives there and will recommend this firm to anyone who needs professional, honest, and reasonably priced representation.”


I am beyond pleased with my experience in dealing with Jennifer Allen and her staff. I got a speeding ticket 4 hours away from my home and was ignorant to the process since this was my first speeding ticket. She and her staff communicated with me via email which was incredibly convenient due to my hectic schedule, sent one of the most clear, concise and informative emails I’ve ever seen explaining exactly how the process would work, and took care of business and handled things exceptionally. I hope I never need a lawyer again, but if YOU do, I’d go with this firm.

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